This isn’t at all what you expected. It’s just a god damned shack in the side of a dusty hill. How is this shithole going to get you to the Space Faith? You check your map again. Bill—that dirty old cod—must have given you bum directions.

The sound of unkempt engines growl in the distance. If the Green Men spot you, you’re fried for sure. That or you will be their next HeidiHole which could be even worse. Which would be even worse knowing what you know about the dirty bastards. There is no risking it. At least go in to find shelter. Maybe they’ll pass right by without probing.

The door appears to be a flimsy piece of sheet metal attached to a ceiling rod by a couple of fraying leather straps. You push it slightly to the side. The roaring grows louder. You can now feel a humming at the soles of your shoes – heavy rubber reverberating earth matter. You’ve got thirty seconds to make your body scarce or your body will no longer belong to you. There is not a squalid dirt room behind the door as you had anticipated but another, much sounder door to contend with. No handle and locked tight. A vision screen appears out of the aluminium casing. You fumble in your pocket to find the contract. The contract you’ve lost everything for. It had better work. You hold the bar code to the screen and it scans within seconds. The door opens and you find yourself plummeting into some foreign place.

The air is not dusty as it had been seconds before but crisp and cool. You are suddenly the dirtiest thing in this new place but you cannot worry about that now because what you are seeing is too new, too alien to be concerned with anything else. For a moment you wonder if the Green Men have arrived but the thought flits out of your mind because all sound has been blocked off from the outside world. It is as though that other place is eons away.

A brilliant white covers all of the wall surface in the room. A hologram glimmers alive almost directly in front of you. It is a man with tan skin, dark eyes and a defined midsection accompanied by a slim, large chested woman with flowing blue hair. They both wear thin white robes that show off their bodies well and train behind them blowing skyward by some undetectable wind.

The man speaks, “Hello, blessings to you for making it to this sanctuary safely.” He pauses. You wonder for a moment if you should say something but feel silly speaking to a hologram.

The woman speaks,”We understand that this must feel other worldly compared to the life which you have grown accustomed to. The reality is, the Space Faith is otherworldly. What you see here is only a fragment of the wonders and pleasures you will experience once settling in your new home. We do not care how you acquired your application for flight, however we do take all precautions necessary.”

“First, do you understand what occupational obligations you will be engaging in once arrived?” Asks the man.

“Uh, um, yes. Yes I do believe so.” You stammer.

“Life among the Faith is much different than on earth. Any amenities you could ever need will be at your fingertips and you shall have all of your deepest desires fulfilled in exchange for satisfying and bringing light to the desires of others.” Says the man. “This is the common trade throughout the Space Faith. Are you willing to make that trade?”

“Yes.” You say with resolve. The thought of leaving Earth, leaving behind the dry air and the dead and dusted ground, the lunatic gangs and the constant crippling fear provides a boldness in your voice you didn’t know you had.

“Very well then.” Says the woman. “Please disrobe.” Before you can question the command she continues, “We take no chances here at the Space Faith. All garments worn upon Earths surface will not travel with you.”

As you begin to peel off the clothes you’ve been wearing for weeks now the hologram of the man and woman are replaced with an advertisement of sorts. You’ve seen these adverts for the Space Faith before but this one seems much more explicit than those on the large viewing screens peppered throughout the OutLimit farms.

A woman wearing thick red leather straps beckons you to move towards her. Her lips are plump and juicy as if one could take a bite out of them and be rewarded with something sweet. Hair the colour of apricots, at least what you can remember of apricots, bobs energetically at her jawline. Her skin is flawless. Her pink rounded nipples are centred amidst perky breasts held at bay by the straps that are slightly indenting the soft under side of her breast.

A man moves into the scene. He is wearing nothing but tiny droplets of water that drip down his body in slow moving rivers. He runs his hand down the woman’s body never exchanging words and then parts her legs with the bulk of his muscled thigh. She straddles his leg as his fingers move over her skin, investigating and enveloping.

Another man and woman move in and join the two. The second woman wears the same white robes as the holograms wore and the man is dressed in undergarments the color of the darkest night. You have all but stopped undressing because you are not able to peel your eyes away from the scene unfolding in front of you. Lips that are fat and wet move over skin, goosepimpled from excitement. A tongue licks up the beads of water upon the first man’s skin while the woman in the red straps pushes him to the floor with one easy shove and slides onto his hardened penis. The white robe is discarded and disappears into the white floor as the second woman eases herself down upon the face of the man being rode. Her back arches as his tongue delves into her clitoris. The women facing each other lean in to one another and begin kissing and licking at each others lips as they gyrate upon their respective ends of the man.

The second man is looking directly at you but you are finding it difficult to take your eyes off of the action of the threesome. However the sound of his deep methodical voice tears your attention away.

“Would you like to join?” He asks.

You are stunned, what the hell kind of question is that? Uh, yeah, of course you do. But all too soon you are heinously aware of the stench coming off of your body. When was the last time you cleaned? You don’t speak back to the man though because after all it is still just a hologram advert that you are seeing. Isn’t it?

Out of your peripheral you see the room changing. It is no longer a barren white room. Somehow the walls have become more focused and you see bubbling pools of water surrounding them. A slide door opens from the far side of the space and there stands the four people from the ad. They are slowly making their way towards you. They are cautious as though approaching something wild. Something exotic.

They are surrounding you. Peeling off the remaining clothes you could not remove yourself. Their hands leave trails of warmth and connection upon your cold skin. How long has it been since you were last touched? Breath upon your neck, a firm hand on the small of your back they lead you towards the water.

The pool is warm and welcoming. You are washed and cleaned, touched and fondled, kissed and caressed in ways you’ve never known to be possible. The ecstasy is euphoric as you allow it to wash over you purging the the dirt, the grime, and the horrors of the past away. You are ready for a new beginning, a new experience, a new life. You are ready for the Space Faith.

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A Taste of Faith: Excerpts from episode 5 – Viking

“The room is melting away. Propelled into the air are little specks of condensation as if in time with the heavy sound of the drain groaning under the pressure of its task. A long unimportant yawn, gulping away the impurities spilt in its wake. The cloud room is like fucking in heaven. This isn’t a euphemism. Literally bumping ug’s on some ironic plane of existence. You know, bad fuckers looking for a bit of redemption. Same old story.” – Space Faith, Episode 5 – Viking


“Viking was once my home. A home of sorts I guess. It was where I grew up. I was raised by a mother who placed great value on status, tossing me to the wolves the first chance she got to climb the ladder. I can’t blame her though, it’s the mentality the ship was built on. It’s what all the ships were built on. It is how we survive.” – Space Faith, Episode 5 – Viking


“They slowly walk past me. Looking me up and down, savoring my body, taking me in. Mulling over if I am what their appetite is hungry for tonight. Astrild stops to taste me. A tongue that is coarse runs the length of my neck. Prickling each skin fragment as it is pulled over it. From collarbone to ear lobe. The feeling is surprisingly sensual.” – Space Faith, Episode 5 – Viking


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A Taste of Space: Excerpts from Episode 4, Contracts

“Half of Lempo’s brain does not want the systematic pumping of his cock to stop. He can feel each tendril of balmy tissue kneading up his intolerably hard shaft. This girls legs must be made of iron, he thinks, as he takes a moment to impress upon the fact that she is literally doing her daily squats, feet firmly stationed on either chair arm while her twat climbs up and down his quivering dick. Legs unwaveringly drawing up-down, up-down, up-down like they’ve got a robotic pump attached to them.

Now that’s fucking impressive.” -Space faith, Episode 4, Contracts


“The sex is hard, fast and transactional. We are in mid trade. I am a warm hole to shove it in for a few seconds of release. He is my ticket out of here. I hope. I am not facing him but a concrete wall. My hands brace the warm stone as he pushes deeper into me. His breath leaves a circle of moisture on my neck; he licks and nips at it. He wants something more than a quick fuck. He wants happiness. He wants a dog and a little picket fence. He wants me smiling and eager with a firm grip on his cock as soon as he walks in the door and yells, “Bunny I’m home.” He wants a home. A couple of rug rats and a good old fashion job that pays a steady paycheck with a few perks on the side. He thinks that somehow, sticking it to me might get him even a taste of these antiquated things. Yeah well, he can visualize anything he wants as long as I get my end of the deal.” -Space Faith, Episode 4, Contracts


“I let out a soft grunt, a “Blakeion sound” as Jess would call it and that is what releases all of it, all the sadness and the relief and the excitement and the fear and the intimacy. I get it all out of me. I purge it from my body in one swift shot of liquefied emotion from between my legs. Jess is panting and smiling. Watery fluid melts out of her like honey spilt from a hive.” -Space Faith, Episode 4, Contracts


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